Matalan Are Racist?

Yesterday I went to Matalan to get some new t-shirts. I know that Matalan have a reputation of attracting a certain type of shopper, but I do like their range of funny t-shirts and they are very reasonably priced so that is me sold.

There are 2 floors in the store in Dalston, the men’s stuff is on the top floor. I bought 3 new t-shirts and wondered over to the paying area on the top floor where there was one black woman behind the counter serving a line of black women and men.

She looked up at me and told me quite bluntly to go and pay downstairs, as I was on the escalator I saw two black women join the queue and a white woman being told to go downstairs to pay for her item.

I wonder what would possibly happen if this as reversed?


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42 thoughts on “Matalan Are Racist?

  1. How odd! A similar thing happened to me in Dalston’s Matalan in October. It never occurred to me that it was racist, but on reflection, you may be right.

  2. Hi guys i started work at matalan dalston about 2 months ago thinking its just like any other place to work in , and belive me i have been treated diffrently from other members of staff which had diffrent skin color, i was really hatted by this woman supervisor for absolutly no reason she was responding to me with a rude answer, she was giving the hardest tasks and then checking the smallest details afterwards while other black employees were joking and laughing and doing no work, i never thought i would ever leave a work placement for such reason i am not saying that all black ppl in matalan dalstan are racist, most of them are good ppl but there are some racists, as the guy said above…
    what would happen if this was reversed?

    1. I was recently contacted by someone at Matalan (they asked me not to post their name) who told me that the head office had received numerous complaints about the staff at the Dalston store, some of the complaints were from staff!

  3. oh, don’t you know? it’s not racism if it’s towards white people. that doesn’t count for some reason. we aren’t single people with respective views and beliefs, we’re all just one big evil entity that oppresses black people. apparently.

    i have nothing against anyone because of their skin color. i’ve been treated the way you where at matalan plenty. the fact of the matter is, a long time ago a bunch of dickheads started slavery and pissed a lot of black people off. to this day, people are still pissed off, and rightly so. But why should we have to pay for their mistake? You haven’t been enslaved, and i haven’t enslaved anyone, so quit crying and get over it and treat people the way you want to be treated. that is my message to anyone who thinks it’s okay to be racist to a certain group because ‘they did it first’. it’s not, fuck you.

    1. Yo mention the dickheads that started slavery: Who do you think sold the slaves to us in the first place? It was African tribesmen. It was quite common place back in the day for tribes at war to take on the losing side as slaves.
      Obviously I’m not condoning slavery but everyone was at it.
      It was the british public that campaigned for the abolition on slavery in the first place.

  4. What the hell!!…this shows how stupid these people really are, the woman must be very naive does she not know that she can be taken to a tribunal, and she will get done, hope she does!!.

    So I am not under any impression that racism does not happen..most black people are racist and most white people are racist some hide it some dont.

    SHE MUST BE A VERY SAD WOMAN TO SEND WHITE PEOPLE TO THE CASHIERS DOWNSTAIRS….NOTHING BETTER TO DO. Does she think the white people are going to rob her till!!!!!!.

    The bitterness of slavery will never die….the attitude (for no reason in todays society) will continue. LETS FACE IT ALL THAT TEETH KISSING AND RUDENESS MAKES THEM WHAT THEY ARE.


      1. @ OMG- What’s with the generalisation? Saying, “LETS FACE IT ALL THAT TEETH KISSING AND RUDENESS MAKES THEM WHAT THEY ARE.”

        That just proves the ignorance and racism that still exists within this world. I’m sure we all hate racism, but your ignorant generalisations aren’t helping. How would you like if we as a race were all generalised? If you don’t like it, do NOT do it to others.

        Though I will say, it was totally unacceptable the way people have been treated in Dalston Matalan. All forms of racism shouldn’t be tolerated and I would have went directly to the manager and complained.

  5. I have been working at the matalan in dalston just over a month, and i have not seen or experienced any racism at all but i do notice that there is a slight divide between different ethnic groups because since i have been there I have not worked with any of the other ethnic people, but have worked with mainly black people, but that does not mean matalan is racist how can a store be racist. that just means that person may be racist and that we are angry becuase of slavery is bullshit it was years ago move on have we not progressed since then to move, and not all black kiss the teeth and the comment you made is just stereotyping. IF YOU WANT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICES COME TO MATALAN AND I WILL GLADLY PROVIDE IT, LOOK FOR A SHORT MIX RACED MALE

    1. I’d just like to say that I have since returned to Matalan and have had no problems, maybe complaints to the head office were dealt with.

      Now they just need to hire a few more people to work on the tills. 🙂

  6. matalan are far from racist jermaine u fish
    i think b4 you state MATALAN r racist state the person was as you will find at least one person in any store wit some kind of problem

    1. I just want to point out that I’ve been back several times since I wrote this post and things have certainly improved.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  7. hi every one who have commented on this blog, I also shop in this store and can honestly say that i have never experienced racism!Most of the people seem to work hard to keep this store going and show great love for what they sell and if you take some time to speak to the managers/staff you will find yourself suprised at how much this store has changed in the way it deals with c/service and some of the things they will do to help us, I have notice that they do have a lots of black staff but if we are into stereotyping ..its hackney, go to the store in staples corner and it is full of asian staff yet in hertford (where i live) I have never seen anytihg but white staff! all which is quite logical when you look into the population of these areas. So I challenge you d saliba to go look for jermaine and let him prove that the store is not rasist and perhaps it was just what you wanted to see on your shopping trip that day, because I think your intial comment was very harsh, although they dont seem to use the upstairs tills anymore, you cant deny this store looks absolutely fantastic(except on a busy saturday), go on dean give them a chance to prove they are not racsist. and jermaine good on you for sticking up for were you work. 😎

    1. Yet again I’d like to point out that things have improved since I made this initial post.

      There is an Asian guy that works there (groovy beard type thing) who has served me several times and is very friendly even though he is obviously overworked and under pressure to quickly move the line along due to not enough people being on the tills.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  8. you’re all full of shit in the brain,you are all racist if you know who you are……………fakers

  9. dalston matalan ppl r reali nice, dey r not raciest das 4 sure i am doin ork experience der n dey reali do luk after der customers so i dont no how ppl suffered 4m racism …

  10. Well i work in tghe store in dalston and all i can say is MANAGERS ARE WOTLESS!!
    I Cconsider myself to be a good indivual with respect 4 others an i am a hard worker,
    dispite this the managers are jus so rude,talk dwn 2 us like we are pieces o shit, and are so sarcastic it untrue.
    Its a good job i know how 2 deal wid people like this( life skills come in2 play) As for the manager… she is just so…(let mi not even diss).
    To me they all have issues an i think they are all really unhappy in their own lives and jus wanna tek their frustrations out on us!!
    Cant wait 2 find a new job and be amoungst managers that know about respect.

    1. I have felt really sorry for the people who work on the tills. When there is a long queue I’ve seen people yell at the cashiers and all they can say in return is “we are short of staff”. But the people queuing don’t seem to care.

  11. Am just astounded by this revelation. As someone rightly pointed out, some ppl are still p*issed abt that slave trading stuff that they tend to retribute anywhere they go.

    Its quite weird though that a black woman would be racially abusive to a white person. I know black folks act up against asian folks but its not that common towards white folks.

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