Brooks-Range is a mountaineering company that provides a wide selection of high-quality and innovative gear for backcountry exploration. The gear is designed with the professional ski or mountain guide, backcountry traveler and alpinist in mind.

In 1995, Brooks-Range was founded by Matt Brooks of San Francisco, who himself is a long-term board member of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and a certified mountain guide.

Matt Brooks became aware of the need for higher quality mountaineering gear when he was taking his certified ski guide course. While taking the course, he found the available equipment to be inadequate for the job at hand. He noticed it was large, heavy and cumbersome. That’s when he decided to create a new line of mountaineering gear.

Brooks-Range Products

Brooks’ first inventions were the Emergency Rescue Sled and Ski Guide Cards (SGC). The first set of cards he constructed consisted of four double-sided typed cards that he personally laminated at home. His friends, who were also ski guides and recreational skiers, found the cards very applicable to their lifestyles. Matt Brooks of San Francisco began giving copies to his friends. However, because the demand became greater than Matt could keep up, he decided to start selling his products.

Each year, Matt modifies and improves his products, ensuring they are the best quality on the market today. For many years, Brooks-Range products were only available to the professional market. However, in 2007, the company began opening retailer accounts. Today, Brooks-Range holds 95 percent of the professional market for mountaineering equipment in the United States. The company’s most popular products are the map tools and its rescue sled.

The Safety and Quality of Brooks-Range’s Products

All the equipment sold by Brooks-Range has been tested by top mountaineering, outdoor and avalanche experts, ensuring only safe and effective products are sold through the company. Each piece of equipment is designed with comfort, safety and utility in mind.

Other Brooks-Range Works

In addition to offering adventurers high-quality products, Brooks-Range also supports the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Brooks-Matthews Foundation, the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) and the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE).

In an effort to support organizations that protect and conserve backcountry and mountaineering adventures, Brooks-Range also supports the American Alpine Club (AAC). Brooks-Range is a partner in the organization.

“We are proud to support and partner with such an important organization for the mountain community,” says Brooks. “As a lifetime member of the AAC, I am excited to increase my involvement and use the Brooks-Range brand to raise the profile of the AAC’s mission.”

Aside from providing state-of-the-art equipment to mountaineers, Brooks-Range also gives back to ensure the betterment of the adventuring community as a whole. Each product procured through Brooks-Range enhances an adventurer’s mountaineering experience. In fact, many products enable a safer outdoor experience. However, above and beyond his company’s products, Matt Brooks of San Francisco seeks to maintain a high level of awareness about and within the adventuring community.


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