Well it certainly isn’t a good day to be a Muslim is it? Today the media has been carrying two stories; one is about a Muslim family who were sold a meat pasty that was actually labelled as a cheese pasty, when they complained they were offered a bottle of champagne as a way of apology, and another story about forcing Muslim women to remove their veils when in court.

Obviously selling something misleading information is wrong and I expect the store will have an investigation and they might face further punishment from their watchdog, and offering them a bottle of alcohol as an apology showed a lacked of sensitivity, but I don’t understand why it has taken us so long to finally force Muslim women to remove their veils in court.

I’m sorry but refusing because a paedophile, who they consider a prophet, forbids them to is not a good enough reason, as many have mentioned there is nothing stopping other people from stepping in for them if they don’t fancy a day in court – and it does happen, just look at how many people are caught every year getting someone else to do their community service or fill in for them when they are called for jury duty.

It is about time we spoke up and said enough is enough with all this religious bollocks, not just Islam, but any religion you care to mention. Nobody should have the right to special privileges because of their religion or belief system, and nobody has the right to force their religion down our throats with the threat of violence.

Maybe then I might be able to walk through parts of Whitechapel without being threatened by a gang calling themselves Muslim Patrol, who attack lone people and yell about it being a Muslim area, for smoking a cigarette, carrying a bag of alcohol or appearing to wear make-up.

Although, I must admit I did laugh at the man being offered a bottle of alcohol as an apology. 🙂


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