Music-themed Halloween costume ideas

Think the old-school horror costumes for Halloween are overwrought? Stuck for new ideas as to what to wear as a costume for Halloween? Turn on the radio, or look on your ipod for inspiration – musical sensations are the way to go this year.

Don’t have time to source your music-themed costume? Spirit Halloween has it all, and their new website makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Check out some of our ideas and plan your music themed costume for Halloween:

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus

Their VMA performance will go down in history: for the reintroduction of “twerking”, as the moment Miley went from Hannah Montana to hoochie mama – whatever you remember it for, there is no denying the social media whirlwind that followed. For weeks nobody spoke of anything else. Jump on that bandwagon and cash in on their craziness this Halloween – bonus points if you go as a couple. Check youtube and brush up on your dance moves before you head out this Halloween.

Zombie Rocker

Who said rock ‘n roll is dead? Kick it old-school, dead old school, in a dead man rockin’ costume. You’ll be rocking all the way to the grave and back in this killer get-up. The costume comes complete with skull mask, Mohawk, skeleton tee with studded vest, belt and cuffs. You’ll be shredding up the dancefloor all night long.


What other hardcore men can rock makeup this well? If you love the band you’ll love the costumes. Grab a Catman outfit that is officially licensed and features a jumpsuit, belt, wristbands and a badass attitude. Rock out this Halloween and prowl the parties knowing you’re the best dressed guy in the joint.

Katy Perry

She’s everyone’s favourite California Girl, and emulating her makes the perfect costume for Halloween.  You’ll look as sweet as candy in a cute dress with some white thigh-high stockings and her trademark bright blue wig. Easy as pie!

Phantom of the Opera

You’ll find a happy ending in this very sexy and mysterious phantom Halloween costume. Step out of the shadows on Halloween night in a double breasted vest, black cape and bow tie completed with the signature half mask and red rose. You’ll look so good it won’t even matter you’re not an opera singer. Swoon!


You’ll be thrusting and shaking your hips like never before in this white jewel printed jumpsuit. Shimmy and shake your way through Halloween in his trademark flared suit, wig and aviator sunglasses. They’ll all believe Elvis lives when you rock up at the party!

Michael Jackson

How do you get better this guy? MJ, The King of Pop, is the ideal musical costume for Halloween. There is no bigger an icon in the music world than Michael Jackson, and he had so many incredibly famous looks. The most iconic is, of course, MJ’s Thriller costume, so get to watching the music video and learning the steps – just in case anyone in the world doesn’t know them already!

Lady Gaga

It would tough to not include the Queen of Crazy Costumes, Miss Gaga herself. Never a dull moment, her closet is both a fashionista’s best dream and worst nightmare. She has had some rather interesting outfits over the years – but she can say this for certain, boring she is not. Channel some of that kook and energy this Halloween in a incredible black and silver sequin dress. Add some high shoes and a crazy headdress and you’re done!

Want some more inspiration from the music biz for your costume for halloween? Check out these hilarious music halloween costume ideas.

Draw some inspiration from musical heroes rather than superheroes for your costume for halloween; you’ll have everybody wondering why they didn’t do the same.


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