I had been complaining of a smell in the house for about a week, it was one of those smells that you recognised but you could not quite remember what it reminded you of. Well today I have discovered what that smell is.

I awoke this morning to the sound of a lot of buzzing in my room as my bleary eyes adjusted to the daylight pouring in through my windows I saw a number of big flies (they were absolutely huge) were happily buzzing around my room and whacking themselves off the windows and randomly dive-bombing me.

I’m scared of anything that flies (it stems from me being alergic to bee stings but I don’t wait to find out if this thing buzzing near my face has a stinger or not) and as I jumped out of bed (sending a sleeping puppy flying) I raced down the hall and the smell hit me stronger than ever before.

There was no mistaking that whiff, it was stale urine!

Now I know the difference between the smell of dog wee and human wee and this was certainly not dog wee.

I started to sniff around and the smell was coming from my dad’s room, as I walked into his room I almost gagged as the smell was unbearable. He can’t be bothered to get up during the night to go to the toilet so he does it in this special bottle the hospital gave him.

Apparently he regularly knocks it over and does not bother to clean it up!

My sisters and my brother will not believe this. They think that I exaggerate when I tell them that he will easily sleep amongst his own filth because he will not let me clean his room.

He is now throwing a huge strop because I went to the local shop and returned armed with every chemical known to man and have just finished scrubbing his room from top to bottom, he is actually phoning people to tell them that I just cleaned his room without his permission!


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5 thoughts on “My Dad Stinks!

  1. ooo god that must of been horriable i knew there was something in his room i just didnt want to be rude and say anything, i fought he had that piss pot thing cuz he couldnt make it to the toilet but if it is due to be lazy he needs to get off his ass and go toilet

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  2. Apparently he has the bottle because he goes to the toilet too much during the night. I’m not surprised when he drinks like four pints of water before he goes to bed and during the night!

  3. He had a stroke a few years ago and everyone banded around to help him. He is OK now but he has got used to everybody doing things for him so much.

    He never goes out (because everybody does everything for him so he has no need to go out), family members offer to take him out for the day but he makes up excuses (“I’m going to hospital in 9 months, I don’t want to go out in case I get a cold” is his favourite one)

    He is a miserable sod, apparently he was a miserable baby. There is a story in my family that he likes to moan and once moaned about not having anything to moan about!

  4. Be careful! He may under depress. He may lost his self confidence to face himself due to stroke. He may have difficult to control to go to washroom.
    Sometime, mental illness is more difficult to deal with.

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