New Deck Helps Family Celebrate Daughter’s Sweet 16th Party

My daughter’s sixteenth birthday was looming, and my husband and I came up with a great idea on how to celebrate her birthday and improve the house all at once. We have a pool, which is always a highlight for a teenager’s party. However, the deck around our pool had seen better days. The wood was rotting; frankly, it was just a mess. We realized that to throw a birthday bash for our daughter on our property and use the pool we would need a new deck.

We asked around and found out about a great decking product that is made from composite wood instead of real wood. It’s called Rhino Deck, and it doesn’t require paint or stain. What’s more, it requires minimal upkeep. That sounded great to me, so my husband and I hired a contractor to complete the project. The project was completed in just a few days. I was amazed at the results. It even made our pool look better.

After the new deck was constructed, we were able to host our daughter’s party. She was so excited when she saw the pool surrounded by the brand new deck decorated for her birthday. We had floating decorations and lights in the pool. We also draped purple, green and pink streamers around the top of the deck. The party was amazing, and the teen guests complimented the new deck and decorations. Overall, I think the project and the party were both a success.


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