No Bum Probe

I went to my see my doctor today to discuss whether we should lower my antidepressant medication or not, eventually I want to be able to get off them altogether, but the times we have tried lowering the dosage I have not coped well at all.

While I was there the doctor asked me if I had ever had a prostate exam before, I said no rather than admit that I had one performed on me by a cat once. He said that at 35 I really should have had one by now and while I queued up to make another appointment to see him, he went off to speak to a nurse.

I could see him talking to a nurse and he pointed towards me and then spoke to her a little bit more before coming over to me and telling me that the nurse doesn’t think I need one until I’m in my 40s. The nurse would rather risk my prostate succumbing to some horrid disease than stick her finger up my bum.

Football training was fun as usual, I turned up 30 minutes early so I could do my normal pre-training warm-up, this is something I do which consists of me running around the pitch as many time as I can in a 30 minutes period to try and increase my fitness. When I turned up tonight there was a game going on so I had to run around the outside of the cage while some of the players gave me a weird look.

I started off the training game in goal, but after letting in two goals I was thrown upfront where I again managed to bag two goals. I have started to walk to and from training rather than getting a bus and I can feel my fitness increasing with every week. 🙂


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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