Once again you can find out about my monthly income reports over at I Need Discipline as this is where they are now housed.

Thankfully October is over and dusted with, no more having children banging on my door begging for sweets and offering me tricks. Well until next year.

Sadly due to me getting off my arse and getting myself a job I have neglected this blog as it is taking me a while to get used to the routine of working but hopefully I’ll get used to it and will be churning out bile-filled posts as normal.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Page Views

I was hoping the increase in page views would continue after the huge loss two months ago but just like the Stock Exchange the page views seems to go up and down more often than a pair of whore’s knickers.

Page views for the month stand at 24.631 which is a decrease of 8.221. We are slipping again!

Unique Visitors

Although I saw a big dip in the page views this month I was quite shocked to see that the unique hits increased even more than I could have imagined

The unque views for the month came in at 23.087 which is an increase of 3.269.

Top Five Search Terms

Below are the top five search terms that were entered into a search engine and led to this blog.

1. male enhancement forum
2. E9 Bang Bang
3. hot g vibe
4. ecw dotcom
5. richard herring podcast

This month I had a bit of a surprise when looking through the list of search terms that led people to this site. The one that stood out was ‘tahreem sexy girl to fuck her‘ which is the name of my boss!

East London Hosting

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