Only Dogs Should be Walked on a Leash!

What is happening to the sanity of people in Bethnal Green and Hackney these days? Last year I saw a woman walking a rabbit along Mare Street and today I saw a another woman doing the same thing in Bethnal Green!

I was walking along Victoria Park Square when I saw her standing about 50 yards in front of me with what I thought was a small dog on a leash. It was only when I got within about 10 yards of her that I realised she was trying to walk a rabbit! I say ‘try’ because the poor thing was shaking like a leaf and the woman hadn’t moved – even when I walked past her and looked back she was still standing there trying to encourage it to move.

I posted about it on Twitter and was surprised to receive replies telling me that this was a very popular thing for bunny owners to do. Curiosity got the better of me and I Googled it and found lots of sites offering helpful advice on how to train your bunny to walk on a leash.

When will this madness end? Will we see people taking gerbils and guinea pigs for a walk on a leash?

A few hours later on my way home I found myself walking behind another woman who was carrying a dog, she was holding it to her like a baby with its head looking at me over her shoulder. I found myself behind this woman for a good 20 minutes, I was going the same way as her and anyone who says I was purposely following her is lying.

Eventually I overtook her while she stopped to look at something in a shop window and I noticed the dog had a fucking leash on it!


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