Operation: Keep Working While Girlfriend is Visiting

Today I had to balance the art of getting work done with cleaning the house before I had to shoot off and pick up my girlfriend from Victoria coach station. It sounds easier than you think, but every time I started cleaning I would have to stop within a couple of minutes to answer an instant message about an article, or reply to an email about something work related.

It sounds horrible, but I was hoping that my girlfriend would change her mind leading up to today and tell me she wasn’t coming, I get absolutely no work done when she is down and I end up spending a lot of money on not very much and have to work double hard when she leaves to try and get back on track again.

I was determined to work this time while she was down, I would hate to have to count up all the assignments I have lost due to her being here (she gets bored very easily so can’t sit there for more than 30 minutes while I work), but I would estimate that it runs into the thousands easily.

I picked her up and while we were on the long bus ride back to East London she was trying to get me to change my mind about going out tonight, she wanted to go to The Hare pub to see the barmaid that she has become friendly with, I stuck to my guns and gave her some money so she could go while I went home to work. She came home after about five minutes as the barmaid wasn’t working.

1-0 to Deano!

During the night, while we were sleeping, Roxy had snuck into my bedroom and had managed to get under the covers in between us without either of us waking up. Does this count as a threesome?

2-0 to Deano!


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