Painting with Water?

We went into town to buy the paint for my girlfriend’s bedroom, and a few other bits that I would need. I wanted to use a one-coat paint, but they did not have the exact purple colour that my girlfriend wanted, so we brought the colour in another paint range instead. When I applied the paint to the walls it was like trying to paint with water, I read the back of the tin and it said I would need FOUR coats, it took me two tins to cover the room so I would need EIGHT tins at £20.00 each to do the room.

I made the one tin last me as long as I could and will pick up one more tin tomorrow, but I’m not buying another seven tins. The one coat range had a purple colour, but it wasn’t quite the right shade that she was looking for, what (straight) man would do this? I said that next time she should just go with the one-coat paint even if it is a slightly different shade (I couldn’t tell the difference) and she agreed.

The man who was due to pick up the furniture I had bought on eBay was late, but I wasn’t too bothered as it gave me more time to finish the painting and clean up a bit. When he arrived he told me he was late because he was talking to the people he picked the furniture up from and they got carried away. He told me to be careful and the top of the wardrobe was a bit loose, he then lifted it out of the van by the top and the edging snapped off in his hand!

As we got it into the house he managed to snap more off, I had a look at it doesn’t look too bad, I pulled the rest off so no it look OK. He apologised and knocked £5 off the bill. I tried to make a joke about it, but I was miffed as the suite cost £400 brand new, I bought it for £90, I paid him £50 to deliver it and he damaged it.

I took the rest of the furniture off the van myself as I didn’t want him to break anything else.

The front room is looking very cluttered right now, but as soon as the carpet comes I can start putting her bedroom stuff back where it belongs.

I was hoping for a quiet night in, but her niece decided to throw a last-minute garden party so we popped over for a few hours on the promise that I could sit in the front room for an or hour or so and watch Match of the Day.


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