Pardon Me Too Late

Alan Turing is a name that many of you will not have heard of, but he is a man who did more to help us win the Second World War than anyone else, he was a British mathematician who cracked German ciphers, and created a machine that could help crack the infamous Enigma machine.

Later in life (1952) he was prosecuted for being homosexual and was given the choice of a long stretch in prison or being chemically castrated, he chose to be chemically castrated and ended up killing himself 2 years later.

Yesterday he was issued with a royal pardon, some 59 years after his death.

Not only is it too fucking late, but it gives the impression that he did something wrong and that he should be ashamed of being homosexual, it took years of campaigning for the government to basically turn around and say “oh alright, we forgive you”.

Because of the way he was treated by the country that he served during the war, he lost his security clearance, and thus lost his job and would never be allowed to gain work in a similar position ever again, he was not allowed to enter various countries (United States being the major one, and he was at one time suspected of being a Russian spy because a couple of homosexuals turned out to be spys a little earlier. You ruined his life and all because he happened to fancy men.

I can not believe that we used to treat people like that in this country simply because they fancied someone of the same sex, let us not forget that gay women were also treated appallingly, only not in such large numbers.

Oh, and my arse is still killing me.


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