Quiet Night Alone

I still wasn’t feeling my normal chirpy self as I made my way to training with Custom House today, but I tried to hide it as best I can, it is something us depressive fuckers are good at, hiding our true emotions, which is why the stupid questionnaires the doctors use to diagnose you are pointless.

It was a good session and we had a good number of players turn up. I can slowly feel myself getting fitter the more training sessions I get under my belt, and I even scored the winner in the training match with a lovely back headed goal. That was the last training session and now we have a month full of friendlies to look forward to, I don’t think I have done enough to warrant being considered to take part in any of them, but I’ll be at them all and will have my gear like always just in case.

I’m loyal and committed if nothing else.

When I got home my dad told me the personal alarm we had installed was not working. This is a pendent that hangs around his neck which is connected to a box in the far corner of the front room, if he falls over and he is alone he presses the button on the pendent and he is connected to a department at the local housing association who can call an ambulance or a family member. I think the senior housing software here inside it is not working so I’ll have to phone them up Monday morning.

I was supposed to go out Saturday night for a massive piss-up, but my mood was even worse as my sister was moaning about something so I left my phone at home and went and sat in The Hare for evening on my own. I left my phone at home because when I get like that I need to be on my own, not that I would do anything stupid, how many times must I fail at it before I start feeling foolish?


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