Ranting Drunks and A Dead Pigeon

Training with Custom House was exhausting again and sadly the numbers have dropped again due to a combination of a bit of rain (which lasted for about 10 minutes) and people recovering from nights out the evening before, but I’m thoroughly enjoying these new fitness sessions and ball work games and although they are almost crippling me I am finding myself slowly but surely getting quicker and fitter.

After a quick shower I watched the Brazil/Chile game before walking around to meet Reiss for a few drinks in The Pipeline in Liverpool Street where we watched Columbia knock Uruguay out of the World Cup. We jumped into a taxi to The Hare for last knockings and bumped into someone who used to live on our estate. I don’t know him that well, but Reiss went to school with him so we joined him for some drinks. He was very agitated and loud and it was very clear to me that he was not just drunk, but was as high as a kite to boot.

After about an hour of him ranting and raving I decided to go and sit at the bar while they went to play pool, Reiss tried to get me to come round and join in, but I could still hear him being very loud and was rather happy where I was.

He then started hitting on the barmaid and although at first it was OK he soon got heavier and heavier and it was obvious that she was becoming very uncomfortable by his advances and insistence on her giving him her number. Eventually the head barman told me it was time to leave and take him with us. I was a bit miffed at being asked to leave before I could finish my pint.

I went and got some food while Reiss was talking to his friend outside the pub and when I came back they were talking to two other people who his friend knew, one of them was his cousin. All of a sudden his cousin tried to start a fight in the off-licence with a guy and a woman who were buying a melon when, I tried to calm the situation down the cousin then tried to pick one with me which fizzled out as quickly as it started.

When I went back to Reiss he was trying to stop a fight from happening between his friend and another man, when the man walked off his friend started ranting and raving and I decided to go home and leave them to it.

I’m almost 36 years of age and I just can’t be arsed with dealing with dickheads like this who get all soppy and silly because they have had a drink. Before this night it had been quite a while since I’d been out and I wasn’t missing it at all, and this is why.

I ate my food at home and was starting to feel bad for leaving Reiss when my dog started barking and I could hear Reiss’ friend outside shouting, I sort of guessed Reiss would still be with him and thought I’d go and make sure he wasn’t on the receiving end of his abuse. He was with him but his friend was arguing with another cousin, after convincing him to go home I walked Reiss home.

As I walked into my front garden I noticed a dead pigeon laying upside down with a broken neck and a snapped leg, it had obviously fallen from the roof of the block of flats, but the weird thing was I didn’t notice it when I left earlier in the evening, nor did I notice it when I came back with my food or when I left 20 minutes later to see what the shouting was about. Had it really fallen from the roof? Or had it died somewhere else and someone had planted it in my garden as a sinister and cheaper warning instead of a horses head?


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