Raw results from Monday November 12th.

Thanks to Steve Gerweck

– Promo for Veteran’s Day airs. Thank you to all of our troops!

– Batista made his way down to the ring. Batista said he was invited to Raw tonight by William Regal. He said he’s gearing up for hell in the cell and The Undertaker. The lights go dark, and out comes The Undertaker. Undertaker and Batista appear to gear up for a face off, but are interrupted by Regal. Regal books Undertaker and Batista against Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade, the Raw tag team champions.

(1) The Undertaker and Batista vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Undertaker goes old school, and does the top rope drop on Cade. Taker does the tombstone on Cade, and gets the win at 2:46. After the match, Batista hits a Batista bomb on Murdoch. Taker and Batista stare each other down.

– Ross and Lawler plug the Smackdown vs. Raw ’08 videogame. They show HBK vs. Orton in the videogame, and note that HBK can not use the superkick in their Survivor Series title match.

– They plug tonight’s HBK vs. Orton face off.

– Twix Rewind: Stone Cold stuns Marella last week, and use the beer truck to spray him and Maria.

(2) Women’s champion Beth Phoenix vs. Maria. They plugged the 10 diva Survivor Series match. Phoenix wins easily at 1:19. After the match, Marella comes out. He grabs the microphone from Lilian Garcia. He reminds us that he was attacked last week by Austin. Marella says Austin owes him an apology. He calls out Austin, but he doesn’t come out. Marella turns his attention to Jim Ross at ringside. He wants an apology from JR, and asks him to stand up. Lawler stands up. Marella invites The King into the ring. Lawler comes into the ring, and delivers a right hand to Marella. Marella leaves.

– They plug the Triple H vs. Umaga lumberjack match for tonight.

– After a break, Marella challenges The King to a match and says he’s going to beat up Lawler. Lawler accepts the challenge.

– They document five weeks of sweet chin music.

– From last week after Raw, they show Orton and Regal talk about the WWE title match Survivor Series, and the stips.

(3) Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy vs. Finlay, MVP, Mr. Kennedy. The babyfaces go over when Jeff pinned MVP at 11:49.

– Backstage, Vince McMahon is walking around.

– Another Y2J coded message. It appeared to hint to next Monday. FINALLY.

– Vince is in the ring, and reminds us of his name. He is here to moderate the HBK/Orton face off. They have the debate podium set up. They establish the stips for the title match. Blah blah Blah, boring. You could hear a pin drop in the arena. HBK said he doesn’t need the super kick to win. It ends up Orton attacking HBK. Orton was going to kick HBK when he was down, but Vince stops him. Orton hits the RKO on Michaels. Orton leaves with the title belt, and eyeballs HBK left on the mat.

(4) Melina, Layla, Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James, Michelle McCool, and Kelly Kelly. James pinned Layla at 2:16 for the victory.

– Snitsky promo. He’s about pain. He is painful to watch in the ring, thats for sure.

(5) Jerry Lawler vs. Santino Marella. The King wins at 2:06 via the inside cradle.

– They reshow the Y2J coded message.

– Training session in the empty arena. Lilian Garcia is asked by Regal to introduce Hornswoggle. His opponent? Coachman dressed as The Great Khali. Coach pulls the wig off, but Regal tells him he’s not Coachman now, he’s Khali. They had someone dressed up like Khali’s manager. Hornswoggle wins the “match.”

– The announcer’s plug the PPV card.

– Backstage, Triple H cuts a promo. He says tonights, its the final chapter in the HHH/Umaga saga.

(6) Lumberjack match: Triple H vs. Umaga. Finlay attacked Triple H for the DQ at 12:41. This leads to all those involved in the Survivor Series elimination match to up into the ring as the show goes off the air.


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