– From the Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

– Raw opens with a marathon man running through the streets…opening video and pyro and we’re ready for Raw!!

– Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation, he says last night the better man won and he wants Orton to come out so he can shake his hand. Orton appears on the tron and says no, Orton’s face is battered from the superkick last night. Orton says he doesn’t believe Shawn just wants to shake hands, HBK admits that he was gonna kick him again! Crowd laugh. He says he’s proved he’s the best by beating John Cena, Triple H & HBK. HBK wants a re-match, Orton says he had his chance and now it’s over. Orton notes the marathon runner seen at the beginning of the show is on his way to the arena and it represents the passing of the torch from HBK to Orton.

Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring and he and HBK start brawling. Shawn is shoved into the ring post, Kennedy says it’s his time. HBK recovers and takes down Kennedy, HBK then challenges Kennedy to a match. Kennedy says HBK is nothing more then a loser. William Regal brings a referee out and we have a match.

(1) Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy
Back from commercials the match has not yet begun because Shawn & Kennedy are brawling on the outside. They fight over the crowd barrier into the fans and over the announce table. J.R. & King’s mics are out. Kennedy goes for a chair and HBK superkicks it back into Kennedy’s face! Shawn’s music plays, match ends in no-contest.

– Later; Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

(2) Santino Marella vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
Jerry gets a good pop and “Jerry” chants. Santino puts King’s crown on and grabs a mike, he tells J.R. he is going to beat Lawler like a “government dog!!” Santino taunts Lawler, Jerry punches Santino’s lights out. King pins Santino after a backslide!

– After the match, Orton appears behind Lawler and RKO’s him! Orton shows the runner again, he says it’s only a matter of time before the official passing of the torch.

– Backstage Mr. Kennedy is complaining about what HBK did to him. Kennedy says father time catches up with everybody, but HBK shouldn’t worry about father time, he should worry about Mr. Kennedy

– We take a look back at Khali vs. Hornswoggle from last night. Vince, Coach and Regal are talking backstage about Hornswoggle at the Survivor Series. Carlito comes in and says he respects the tough love Vince has been giving. Vince signs Carlito vs. Hornswoggle for later tonight.

– Jerry Lawler joins J.R. back at ringside

(3) Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
long match, Hardy and Umaga exchange the advantage. After commercial break we have rest holds, Umaga hits a huge leg and a huge knee drop but only gets a 2. Umaga hits a spinning kick to the back of Hardy’s head but Jeff is able to kick out once again. Jeff flies from he top but Umaga catches him and plants him with a swinging sidewalk slam. Hardy again kicks out! fans get behind hardy. Jeff is in the corner, Umaga sets up his running butt slam, Hardy moves and manages to take down Umaga from the top rope. Hardy tries for the Swanton but Umaga moved and hit Jeff with a Samoan drop, he then goes for the Samoan Spike but Hardy reverses it in to the Twist of Fate! Hardy knocks Umaga to the outside and flies over the roe and splashes him to the floor! Jeff is celebrating in the ring but Snitsky attacks him from behind! Jeff tries to hold his own but is double teamed by Umaga and Snitsky. Triple H storms to the ring and takes out both Umaga and Snitsky! Trips and Hardy are standing tall in the ring staring down the heels, Lilian announces Jeff the winner via DQ, great match!

– Later; Hornswoggle vs. Carlito – the match is now no DQ

– A very short Save_Us video is played with “tonight” at the end

– Backstage Todd Grisham asks Triple H why he saved Jeff Hardy. H says he saved Hardy because he’s the real bad ass of WWE, not Snitsky or Umaga. H questions Todd’s sexuality.

(4) Hardcore Holly vs. Cody Rhodes
Holly goes for the Alabama Slam, but Cody reverses into a DDT for the win!

– Orton runs to the ring and RKO’s Cody & Holly. We see the runner arriving in Fort Lauderdale. MY GOD ORTON IS BORING

– Finlay is speaking with Vince backstage. They speak about being Irish, Finlay notes Vince wasn’t actually born in Ireland. Vince invites Finlay out for a drink after the show, Finlay accepts and says he will order Vince a glass of warm milk because that’s what Vince needs at his age before he goes to bed! Vince looks pissed, but Finlay says he was only joking. Finlay leaves laughing and Vince is doing a fake laugh, he looks perplexed after Finlay has gone

– a promo airs featuring highlights of Ric Flair’s career…next week on Raw, Ric Flair returns!!

(5) Jillian Hall & Melina vs. Maria & Mickie James
before the match Jillian goes on about how she thinks Lilian Garcia can’t sing, she then screeches down the mike, fan boo heavily. Mickie hits her kiss-spinning kick combo on Jillian for the win.

(6) No DQ – Carlito vs. Hornswoggle
Carlito chases Hornswoggle around the ring, Horny disappears under the ring, Carlito tries to find him, horny outsmarts Carlito and covers him with a bucket of water! Carlito knocks Horny down and takes a few bites of his apple, Finlay runs to the ring, Carlito spits the apple in Finlay’s face, Finlay takes down Carlito and slams Horny on top of him for the victory! After the match Horny spits apple in Carlito’s face.

– The runner arrives at the arena

– Next weeks main event; Jeff Hardy & Triple H vs. Umaga & Snitsky

– Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for his “passing of the torch” ceremony. Orton says “and then there was none” referring to everyone he’s beaten. The runner is seen entering the arena. The runner is suddenly knocked down with a clothesline, but we can only see the guys back. On the tron the Save_Us video plays…THE ANSWER IS…SAVE_US.Y2J!!!! yes it’s true, it’s Chris Jericho!! A countdown appears on the tron, and Jericho’s music hits. The fans are going totally wild, Jericho soaks up the cheers for a while before cutting into one of his flawless promos, he says he is here to save the WWE from Randy Orton and the 1st chance he has he will take that WWE Championship from him! He says that when he does, the WWE, America, Planet Earth and the Universe will Neverrrrrr…Everrrrrrr…be the same again! Orton looks on shocked at what has happened! Y2J’s music hits and he celebrates with the crowd as Raw goes off the air!

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