Resisting Tempatation

The cravings have certainly started to kick in today, I woke up in the worst mood I’ve been in for as long as I can remember, I felt slow and sluggish and try as I might I just could not concentrate on getting any work done, eventually I gave up and decided to take the dog for a long walk.

I deliberately took the dog for a walk along the canal, I like walking alongside this stretch of water as it normally draws a bit of calm over me, which is bizarre because it was the place where I awkwardly tried my first suicide attempt, but as we walked along the towpath I smelt the delicious culinary treats that were being created by the plethora or houseboats moored along the towpath. I have walked this path many times before and have NEVER smelt anything apart from the smell of burning wood, is this a test of how dedicated I am to my new diet?

Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but I DID manage to resist this massive test and went home to my lunch of grilled chicken and salad.

Worrying I have started counting the minutes until my next meal, I’m hoping that this stops soon, as I don’t seem to be getting anything done while I’m doing this, the meals are about half the size of what I’m used to consuming and there is no snacking between the meals.

Although I must confess I have been cheating a little bit and adding a bit more salad to my meals than I’m meant to, but I think it is better to have more salad than more chips or something else that is bad for me.

Just as I was getting over the hunger, and about to find my mojo to work, my internet decided to go off again, this is something we will have to put up with because I refuse to pay the £120 for BT to fix it because there is no guarantee that it is a fault with our equipment and if it is a fault with our equipment then we have had it for over three years and I think it should be fixed for free considering how much they charge us every quarter.

I just weighed myself and I have lost 7lbs already. 🙂


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