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If you are sick of your current broadband provider why not step up and try out mobile broadband? I’ve been using it for a while and it is much easier.


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2 thoughts on “Review Prices Slashed!

  1. Hi Dean!

    I really really like the idea of mobile broadband. However, one of the major reasons why I haven’t signed up to it is because there’s a limit on how many hours contracts cover. For example, with Virgin, I think it’s 100 hrs a month which is great but not enough for someone like me who does a lot of work online. Also, if I was to go over 100 hrs, they’d charge me £15 per gigabyte which is pretty hefty in my books.

    I look forward to a time when mobile broadband deals will offer longer hours for cheaper (and in par with landline broadband) because, for now, that’s just about the only thing stopping me from signing up.

    Laters đŸ˜€

  2. What you read was a little advert a company asked me to place in a post for a fiver, and like a greedy whore I snatched it off them!

    I have been using mobile broadband since about October last year. I am with T-Mobile.

    They offer various plans starting from a tenner a month for a 3gb plan right up to the £35.00 a month 10gb plan (I’m on that one). When you go over the limit they don’t charge you (well T-Mobile don’t) they just slow your speed down for the next month.

    Mobile broadband is not for people like me who live on the internet it is meant for people with laptops (although it works on a PC as long as you have at least XP) who wish to use it outside without a phone line.

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