Well the trip I had planned to take this coming weekend is now offically off.

My brother was going to look after my dog but he has just told me that he is starting a new job so won’t be able to look after her. He has used this as an excuse to get out of doing something for me before so I’m not sure if he is telling the truth or not.

Sadly there is nobody else who can look after her, my sister Charlane hates dogs in her house and my other sister can’t have her because she has the mum who goes for my dog all the time.

I could not leave her with my dad as he does not leave the house so would not take her out to go to the toilet.

I’m bitterly disappointed but the thing that sticks in my throat is that the money I’ve paid out for the trip (I paid for my train fare, B&B room and gig tickets in full) is not going to be refunded to me at all. That means I’m now over £130 out of pocket and won’t be getting any of it back.


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2 thoughts on “Seaford Trip Is Off

  1. Sadly I spoke to the people and was informed that I need to cancel at least 14 days before the date to get a refund. đŸ˜¥

  2. You Should be able to get your money back for the B&B at least. You should be well within the cancellation period which is usually no longer than 72 hours. I’d phone them again if you have not already, check the law as well. I’m sure there is some minimum time limit they have to give you to cancel your reservation. It would be illegal for anyone else to occupy that room at the weekend since technically you have still booked it. I’d look into that…

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