Days Without Alcohol: 18

I was having a bit of a mess around on Youtube today and I stumbled on this video that was taken when me and Reiss were on a bus and the entire bus erupted into a chorus of Hey Jude.

I’ve posted it before but you can’t not post it again!

The guy in purple is Reiss and the guy behind him looking embarrassed is me, I assure you I was singing along with the rest of them once the camera fucked off out of my face.


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8 thoughts on “Singing On A Nightbus!

  1. To much drinking happening lol, when the camera went on reiss he was like “What the fuck is happening” a bit like uncle michaels face when we took him to wembley lol

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  2. Ahh ok he just look like he was sicking him self lol

    Wayne Salibas last blog post..Chelsea’s Lucky Weekend

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