As somebody who hates going out into the real world to buy things it is such a huge relief when you can sit in the comfort of your own home and shop online. You have no crowds, no rude people barging into you, no children screaming & shouting, it is simply you sitting in front of your computer – bliss.

If I want to buy something then I normally have a search on a search engine like Google before then going to my little collection of web sites to see if they have what I want at a decent price.

I’ve been buying some presents this week for friends and one web site that I stumbled across (I love you Google!) is called They are one of the top multinational e-commerce companies in world that deal in selling quality jewelry that contain pearls. I guess that is why their slogan is “Worlds Most Beautiful pearls“.

Considering they only seem to sell pieces of jewelry with pearls in they actually have quite a collection to choose from. They even sell loose pearls, I’m guessing so you can make your own jewelry at home.

If you order something from their web site then the good news is that they do offer free shipping on all orders over $99, but I think that only applies if you live in the United States. I’m guessing a quick email to their excellent customer service centre will solve that question.

There are a few pieces on their site that I have ear-marked for possible purchase, when I am paid next week, for some people that live in the United States. I think they will be pleased that someone is buying pearls for them at Christmas.

I won’t be buying my family any pearl jewelry though as to be honest none of them are classy enough to wear pearl earrings but some of them might be classy enough for a pearl necklace.


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