As a journalist and a fan of professional wrestling I often find that I use search engines to find out new wrestling news web sites and information on a certain WWE wrestler or event. My first and only port of call used to be Google, as is millions of others.

But that was until I came across a search engine with a difference, and I am not exagerating one bit here. Spock is a search engine with a difference, it finds you people instead of sites.

To test it out I typed in a couple of wrestling names, firstly I typed in Mick Foley (one of my favourite wrestlers) and the mighty Chris Benoit (my all time favourite wrestler despite what he had done) and was confronted with lists of relevant results unlike other search engines that pick up the name and you find that the page only mentions the name in passing and is of no use to you.

And it does not stop with WWE, you can even use this search engine to help find pages of your friends and family, I was able to find a page for a family member that I have not heard from in a number of years!

They also offer a widget where you can place a piece of code onto your web site or blog and it will show the latest search engine results for whatever it was that you were looking for. For example below I have a widget showing results from the WWE that I was searching for earlier. This is so that you can alays have access to the latest results without having to do repeated searches.

If you are fed up of shifting through the results from other search engines that actually do not offer you the results that you are looking for then I suggest checking out Spock today.


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