This evening I decided to treat myself for working so hard by enjoying the sunshine and taking myself off to a pub for a couple of pints of beer. I didn’t fancy any of the pubs near me so thought I would try somewhere a bit different and ended up in Bow as according to the Black Sheep Brewery website there is a pub there called The Morgan Arms that stocks my favourite ale.

Unsurprisingly the pub is a poncy establishment full of people telling each other how decadent they are by drinking alcohol on a week night and paying £15 for a homemade burger, this kind of pub is becoming very frequent in not just Bow but Tower Hamlets in general.

After wading through the crowd and making it to the bar I was saddened to discover that there was no Black Sheep pump on display, I settled on a pint of Morgan Ale which had the exact same picture on the pump as Black Sheep but without the ram. When I got my pint I noticed that not only did it look like Black Sheep, it smelt like Black Sheep, but it tasted like bloody Black Sheep as well! Are there laws about pretending a beverage is your own when in actual fact it was made by someone else?

This is the first pub I have been to that serves food and instead of giving you a wooden spoon with a number on it they simply gave you a slip of paper with their print letterhead on with a number scrawled onto it, they must have run out of wooden spoons.

I moved on to the Coborn Arms as I wanted to catch some of the Barcelona/Bayern Munich match and could just about get through the door as the place was full of German and Spanish people all wearing their colours. I managed to find a seat but the TV I was facing seemed to be broken because everyone was pink and the grass the pink and fuzzy.

I don’t know why but instead of walking home via Tredegar Road and Roman Road I decided to walk along Bow Road towards Mile End and then walk along the canal which wouldn’t have been too bad if I didn’t have to watch out for speeding cyclists who for some reason decided not to put their lights on – speeding along a canal towpath in pitch darkness with their lights off, what could possibly go wrong?


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