Table linen Hoarding?

I spent the entire day wrestling with trying to get the football sites that I manage to work correctly under one install of WordPress, this will save me time when logging into each one and it will stop the club admins from deleting things they shouldn’t do: like plugins, lines of code and my sodding adverts that keep the service free.

Eventually I gave up for the day, I have a feeling I might have to rebuild them one by one rather than an easier option of migrating them all seamlessly, that would be asking too much! It looks like another weekend stuck behind the keyboard for me is on the horizon.

My sister came round to drop off some bits and one of the things she brought with her was another table cloth, what is it with him asking people to buy table clothes? We have over a dozen in the cupboard doing nothing, if you looked at them you would think that my dad had gone mad at a table linens on clearance sale! We only use two, one on the table while the other is in the wash. What is this weird table cloth fetish that he has? Or does he know there is going to be a shortage soon and then he will send me down to the local market to sell them at an inflated price like a fat Rodney Trotter?


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