Author Notes: This was a little ode that I wrote many years ago when I was a rather angry young man who was possibly always stuffed to the gills with alcohol and drugs.

I sit in my room as the world goes boom.
Doom and gloom is all I presume.
The world’s gonna end and it’s gonna end soon.
Apparently tomorrow at high fucking noon.

Today is the day that we all start to mourn.
The only regret is that I created so much harm.
Or maybe that I was actually born.
It’s between those two that I’m constantly torn.

If the world ends what will happen?
Fuck knows but my spirits have dampened.
They were dampened at birth.
Oh well goodbye Earth.


I am running the 2018 London Marathon to raise money for Livability UK in memory of my dad. If you can I'd appreciate any donation you can spare.
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