Hello everybody and welcome to the first The Final Cut column of the year 2009 and my first edition in almost a year.

I’m beginning to gain a reputation as ‘the boy who cries wolf’ due to the amount of times I have started a column over the past two years by saying I’m back to my normal weekly column writing habits.

My latest bout of not writing this column happened because I had fallen out of love with professional wrestling. Or maybe I should be more accurate and say I fell out of love with the wrestling produced by the WWE.

My absence from writing about wrestling has been caused by me falling out of love with wrestling. But thankfully I saw a priest and he managed to remove the evil spirit within me that was making me dislike wrestling and I am now back to watching it 24/7 just like the old times.

So what better way to kick off the return than with a ranting random fodder column!

What Happened To Waiting Your Turn?

Have WWE forgotten how to build up a legitimate challenger to a title? Maybe I am looking at this through rose tinted glasses but I can vividly recall that a wrestler would be built up over the weeks as the number one contender and the blow off would be a world title match against the champion at a pay-per-view.

If the wrestler lost he would go to the back of the queue and the pattern would start over again with a new contender. It seems to me these days that the same few people are being rotated into the number one contender spot.

Last year John Cena was out for a period of time with a severe injury and his first match back was a world title match at a pay-per-View. There was no making him earn the spot. Not even a hint of a TV warm up match, straight into the title picture.

How many times last year did you see one particular wrestler repeatedly challenge for the title only to be defeated time and time again. How many more opportunities before he is told ‘you have had your chance now sod off to the back of the line’?

I guess you could argue that there are very few wrestlers capable of carrying the belt and company these days, but doesn’t that really prove that the writing team are slipping? There are plenty of mid card wrestlers that could easily make the step up but the writing team have practically killed them off with their incoherent writing and nonsensical angles.

I Really Hate Ray Mysterio

This may not be a very popular view point but one reason why I stopped watching WWE programming (well apart from the awesome Vintage Classic show on Sky Sports) was because I could not take any more of Rey Mysterio. The guy annoys me beyond belief! Don’t worry, I will go into detail.

Firstly anyone who has a tattoo of a gold chain on their neck/chest deserves to be punched in the face with the entire Kinks back catalogue! Not only that but he also comes out with a chain around his neck that matches the tattoo! WHY?!

Secondly I can not stand his finisher and think it is easily the worst finisher in the business at the moment. I am completely shocked that people sell the move let alone allow themselves to be pinned by his horrible combo finisher.

I understand the concept of his character, he is a small guy who has a big heart and a never-say-die attitude when it comes to taking on the big guys in the ring. But he should never be allowed anywhere near the world title.

Professional wrestling needs to be a little bit realistic and a 150lb man allowing a 7ft+ 400lb+ opponent to beat him senseless for 20 minutes and then make a comeback and pin him, after hitting that horrible move, is not being realistic.

Can Kane Make A Comeback?

I started watching WWE regularly in about 1998 after I had Sky installed at home (before this I was reduced to watching the odd show when I was at a family member’s house) so I have more or less been able to follow the career of the Kane character since then.

In the beginning he was a proper heel monster who had a lot of promise and could have become a legit challenger for the world title, fast forward to now and I weep as I watch him job to anyone and everyone.

The guy has done everything that the company have asked him to do (remember Katie Vick?) and because of this we have seen him being humiliated in comedy segments that have been anything but funny.

He has shown his loyalty to the company and how has he been repaid? So badly has his character been damaged by the writing team that I doubt there is any way back for Kane now.

Oh how I would love to see him put the mask back on and return to his old ways.

Until next time.


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