Hello and welcome to another edition of The Final Cut, once voted the 34th best professional wrestling column on the Internet in 2004!

Regular readers to my column will be aware that I have taken another small break from my weekly editorial due to a combination of Internet connection troubles, computer problems and the sad loss of my beloved pet dog.

But I am back now and what better way to ease myself, and readers, back into the swing of things than with the infamous “Random Fodder” column!

Peter Staniforth has claimed time and time again that he does not have an overinflated ego and is a level-headed son of a gun just like you or me. Is that why when he was at the Luton-based ACW promotion he made more appearances on their shows than the wrestlers did? One such show had him booked in SIX different segments!

Now with his new promotion, PTW, I noticed that an online advertisement promoting one of their shows has Peter’s image right in the middle of the poster, and he says that he does not to have an urge to be in the limelight?

I await Peter’s normal angry emails, and threats from his friends, with baited breath as usual.

Due to not having any Internet connection I missed the start of the illegitimate baby angle involving Vince McMahon and an as yet unknown WWE superstar. But whilst most of the Internet Wrestling Community have been scrambling onto their soapboxes and screaming about how embarrassing and poorly thought out this angle is, I am finding myself rather enjoying it.

What would these so-called fans rather be watching? The excellent illegitimate baby angle or a revamped Katie Vick angle?

By the way just how many wrestlers contracted to the WWE are there that do not know who their fathers are? Is it a specification to be signed by the promotion? You must not know who your daddy is?

Since I have been out of the wrestling loop we have seen The Great Khali become the World Heavyweight champion. Once again I appear to be the only wrestling fan going against the grain and declaring that I am pleased that he is the current Smackdown champion.

Not every wrestler has to be able to produce 5-star matches. Wrestling is a fantasy guys, get off your soapboxes and allow yourself to become lost in the matches, you might actually find out that you enjoy it like you used to before you found out wrestling was not “real”.

Unfold your arms and relax.

This morning I checked my emails and found out about the ten WWE wrestlers that have been suspended by the company for failing the Wellness Program. I bought a national newspaper this morning and they are mentioning wrestlers like Edge, King Booker, Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton as just four of the ten that have been sent home.

It does seem like, thanks to pressure from Capital Hill, that the WWE are finally using the Wellness Program to stamp out the steroid problem in the company rather than merely using it as a major publicity stunt.

It was especially surprising to see Mr. Kennedy’s name mentioned after the amount of media interviews that he gave, after the Benoit incident, citing time and time again that he was not using steroids

More on this next week.

www.warshop.co.uk are closing down and are selling off their remaining DVDs at a shockingly low £2.50 each (including P&P), so if you like UK wrestling, or fancy checking the UK wrestling scene out, then I strongly urge you to get some before they run out!

Well that is me done for today, I will be back on Monday with a review of the recent SummerSlam pay-per-view so make sure that you do not miss that one.

Until next time.


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