Hello dear reader and welcome to another edition of The Final Cut. My thanks must go out to the people who emailed me wondering what happened to my column last week. Hard drives dying and many hours of me screaming and cursing at my computer meant no column, but never fear for I have returned to business as normal.

Well it certainly looks like things may be looking up at last for World Wrestling Entertainment over the past month or so we have seen a rise in ratings, a noticeable change in the amount of good matches and generally some good feeling about the company again from the fans and the wrestlers. (Well most of them anyway)

But what has contributed to the rise in popularity of World Wrestling Entertainment since their diabolical series events, story-lines and pay-per-views, which culminate with Armageddon?

Most of you will no doubt be questioning my sanity when I speak of a rise in popularity concerning World Wrestling Entertainment, but I am not verging on the brink of insanity, for below I have tried to put reason to my madness.

The Chavo Guerrero & Eddie Guerrero Feud

Firstly we have the success of the Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero feud. Not many angles are built up well by the writing team these days, maybe they did it by accident or merely the fact that Smackdown have writers who have a brain cell more than their Raw counterparts.

If you think back to some of the stinkers that the writing teams have come up with in the last 18 months or so, I think they were due a couple of good ideas sooner or later.

And the ending to the Royal Rumble match between them both has left the door open for another months worth of writing, lets hope that leads up to the build up before the Royal Rumble.

The Triple H & Shawn Michaels Show

Ah Triple H and Shawn Michaels, two men who are criticised for hogging the spotlight all of the time, two men who are best friends backstage and look out for each other, two men who have damn great matches when put together in the ring.

Their fantastic outing on a recent episode of Raw just before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view proved what they can do if they are left to get on it and to a lesser degree their Royal Rumble match was just as good, if not spoiled by the lame ending.

Some may grow tiresome of the fact that they are paired off on nearly every pay-per-view (including the Wrestlemania main event this year) but their matches are entertaining and pulling in the fans that long may their continue.

Of course it would not hurt to add a bit of razzle dazzle to their matches to keep them fresh but we can not have our cake and eat it can we? No, of course we can’t!

Benoit Winning The Rumble

18 years of putting other people over, 18 years of rotting away in the mid-card division of a federation and finally Chris Benoit gets what he has deserved for so long, a main event push. Something his fans have been screaming about for years.

Sure he is small and may not be able to handle himself as well on the microphone as Triple H, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar or even Goldberg, but nobody has deserved this more than the Rabid Wolverine.

May people are quick to jump on the “lets hate Triple H” bandwagon but last week it was Triple H’s reaction to Benoit turning up on Raw that helped Benoit get over with the fans, most did not care that he was a home town boy.

Will Benoit walk away with the championship belt? I would have to say that is was looking doubtful but now that Shawn Michaels has managed to worm his way into the match the chances of Benoit winning that championship have fallen lower than Millwall winning the Champions League and Malta winning the World Cup!

But putting Benoit up and over like they have has proved two important things. Firstly World Wrestling Entertainment do listen to their fans, eventually, and two, Benoit has been pushed up, this leaves the door open for John Cena, Eddie Guerrero etc to make a similar move when their time comes.

Mick Foley Returns

Mick Foley has caused a storm since he returned to World Wrestling Entertainment a couple of months ago. His feuding with Randy Orton has not only got the older and newer fans behind Mick Foley once again but he has also helped elevate Randy Orton up a level.

Yes he has not wrestled a proper match in about four years but his microphone skills are still better than anybody on the Raw roster right now. Just take a look back to his classic promo that he did on Raw after the Royal Rumble. It had everyone on the edge of his or her seats.

When Mick Foley made his return during the Royal Rumble every wrestling fan marked out including all those smarts who pretend that they are better than all of us “marks” and it was Mick Foley at his best, angry and out for revenge.

He carried it over the following night with “that” promo in the ring. With the addition of The Rock and Batista to the mix, couple that with the fact that The Rock and Mick Foley are the two top microphone workers on Raw, should end up an interesting feud which will explode at Wrestlemania, no doubt.

Well that is all for this week. Once again I apologise if the column makes hardly any sense, but I could not let me legion of fans (well one, Hi mum!) down.

Until next time.

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