Hello and welcome to another edition of The Final Cut. This week’s column comes to you from the comfortable, but strange smelling, Internet café shop due to a lack of a computer at home.

I know that many of you will be reading this weeks column to find out what I liked and disliked about the world of wrestling since my last offering last week. But alas I am afraid there is a subject that I have kept away from whilst others covered it and now it looks like I should add my views to the debate.

What am I talking about? I am, of course, talking about the matter of Vince McMahon’s vicious attack on the ‘Wrestling media’

A couple of months ago Vince McMahon held a meeting on Smackdown and he gave a stern warning to any wrestler/referee/backstage member who dared to talk to the wrestling media and was caught doing so. And, in a madman rant, he branded the entire wrestling media ‘a bunch of parasites’

Vince McMahon has despised wrestling journalists, like myself, for a number of years now. This goes way back into the eighties when World Wrestling Entertainment produced wrestling magazines hyping their company. Fans were overlooking his magazines for the unbiased views of journalists like Bill Apter and Dave Meltzer in unofficial magazines, magazines that Vince had no control over, and I think that is why he despises the wrestling media.

You see Vince is a control freak, he needs to be in control of everything and one thing he can not control is the wrestling media. He cannot dictate what we write about or how we write about it and that drives him mad.

The wrestling media is not the only thing that Vince McMahon is having trouble trying to control. Some of his wrestlers and backstage staff have been leaking certain information to journalists that Vince McMahon considers private.

Let me remind you all (and Vince if he ever reads this) that it was Vince McMahon, himself, who took professional wrestling out of the dirty smokey halls and night clubs and dragged it kicking and screaming into the nice big glitzy arenas that we all see today.

And may I also point out that it was indeed Vince McMahon and his wrestlers who first admitted that professional wrestling was not real but scripted. The man that once told millions of fans that professional wrestling was scripted is now accusing the wrestling media of spoiling the illusion for the fans. Go figure.

Vince McMahon does not like to be reminded of his failures, nobody likes having their failings rammed down their throats. But that is life I am afraid. The Music industry has critics, the film business has plenty of critics, most sports have critics, so why not professional wrestling?

When World Championship Wrestling and, to a lesser extent, Extreme Championship Wrestling were still around the spotlight was split between all three of them. When one company made a mistake and the spotlight bore solely on them it was only a matter of time before the spotlight was shifted onto another company when they made a mistake.

The problem is that now that World Wrestling Entertainment is the only major game in town the spotlight is shining fully on them, 24 hours a day. And because there is no other company to take the spotlight from World Wrestling Entertainment this same spotlight is shining fully on them. And it is going to show everything. Every blemish and every flaw that they have, which was previously overlooked because of their rival.

When you put out abysmal story-lines such as the Katie Vick fiasco and Mae Young giving birth to a hand, you are going to receive a lot of bad publicity, especially when you are the only major game in town.

Vince McMahon is just like the majority of football managers here in Britain, they want you to pay your money to watch your football team play but they do not want you to moan, bitch or comment on their team’s performance.

Journalists, like myself, will continue to write about the current state of professional wrestling and the majority of this writing will be based around World Wrestling Entertainment.

Vince McMahon needs to remember that this is not one of his poorly thought out story-lines that the fans will allow to be swept under the carpet when it is not accepted with open arms.

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