Thieves and Muggers

I arrived at Kingford Community School at 7:05 with about six other players for our regular weekly football training session and we were told by the lady at reception that we would not be allowed in until at least 7:25 because the person who uses the pitch before us lodged a complaint about us coming near the pitch too early.

I believe it might have something to do with a lost mobile phone that the guy supposedly lost last week. We were training last week and the guy asked a few of us if we had found a mobile phone, I believe he reported to the school that one of us stole his phone. It is a bit suspect how there has never been a problem before until the ‘lost phone’ incident.

I told Wayne who said he will take it up with the school during the week, we pay good money to train on their pitch and they respond by subtly implying one of our players is a thief.

Speaking of ‘thieves’ I was making my way home when after training, it involves getting the DLR from Beckton to Canning Town and then a 309 bus home, as I went through the ticket barrier I heard someone say “go on Millwall!” I turned to whoever it was and gave them a little smile, this was enough for the man to approach me and ask me for money, feeling generous I decided to bung him a pound.

I put my bag down to dig into my pocket for a coin, I still had my wallet in my right hand, he lunged at my wallet and tried to snatch it from me. I instinctively swung my let hand and caught him square in the nose, which stunned him, I hit him a few more time in the nose and mouth and he went down. I gave him a couple of kick before I was pulled back by a ticket attendant.

I picked up my bag and walked towards the buses, the attendant called for me to com back, but if I did I would have given the cunt a bit more of a hiding, not that he didn’t deserve more.


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2 thoughts on “Thieves and Muggers

  1. Oh no..How can a person blame like this to any person and saying that he has stolen my mobile phone. I think this not done. We cannot blame any person like this without any proof. So, first serch for evidences that proves that he theft your mobile phone.

  2. When i hear these stories of people stealing i get angry and sad. I cant understand why people do it and go beyond any moral. Even if you are very desperate, integrity should remain on you and prevent you for doing harm to others..

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