Tipping the Scales (Literally)

Today I weighed myself for the first time in about two years and was rather shocked to see that I was tipping the scales at 263lbs, which is a fraction under 18st 8lbs, I have put on just over three stone in just over two years. I’m not sure why it hit me as hard as it did, I drink a lot, I eat poorly and have not done any regular exercise in over two years.

But hit me it did. I suppose that is what happens when you don’t weigh yourself regularly, you get to live in ignorance that you are turning into a right fat bastard.

I soon became determined to do something about it. I’ve tried dieting many times before, but rarely get past the first day due to either succumbing to hunger pains or people make jokes about my pathetic attempts, but this time I was more determined than I think I’ve ever been before.

The two main things I am going to do without are going to be the two things that will be the toughest things to remove and that is Coca Cola and takeaways, many might feel that alcohol should be in there, but I’ve never found it difficult to leave the sauce along.

Today I managed to stick to my diet and I managed to get in a two-mile walk and a 90 minute football training session with Custom House, I’m sure the cravings for all things sweet & unhealthy will strengthen in the coming days.

It was good to be back playing football again with the Custom House boys and I managed to score quite a nice goal with my right foot. 🙂


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