I awoke very early and walked into town to PC World and got him a keyboard and a mouse, when I got hm I bumped into the postman who had the new mobile broadband pack for me. So while he was asleep I set it all up for him and when I told him it as his he threw a major fit and then slumped in the chair and got the right hump.

My brother came up and gave him his present which was the complete set of Cary On films, my dad could not thank him enough and was almost kissing his feet for a such a fantastic present.

My two sisters came up and gave him their presents (one was a toilet roll holder and the other was some pots to put his dead plants in) again he went into overdrive and started gushing about how wonderful they were.

In fact he was even pleased to be woken up at 7am by a telephone from my mum wishin him happy birthday, yet he gets the hump when I actually buy him a present(s). I don’t think I’ll bother next year!


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4 thoughts on “Today Was My Dad’s Birthday

  1. The time that he has been going on about getting a bloody computer to go on line you would think that he would of been more happy to have got the internet and that, its will turn out more costly then anything me or Charlane or Katrina got him as its a contract thing you have it signed up

    Anyways how many off the carry ons you watch so far?

  2. lol, Toilet roll holder what kind of present is that? the wine i got him made him happy and that didnt even cost me a £5

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