Training tonight was brillient!

Basically we were made to do lots of running around the pitch and general fitness for about 90 minutes. Lots of sit-ups and press-ups and then even more running. To be honest I struggled with the press-ups, but then again I have never been able to do them anyway.

For the last 20 minutes we had a match where the first team played the rest and we had to keep reverting back to our proper positions, at the start of this I got a really bad toothache that knocked me sideways and as I walked from the training pitch to the station it intensified so much that I had to buy some Nurofen from a shop.

It did not go away until about 4am in the morning and (touchwood) has not come back. I telephoned my dentist but apparently they have been taken over and they are not accepting NHS patients.

In fact I contacted twelve dentists in my local area and despite saying so on the NHS Direct site none of them are accepting new NHS patients due to how much hassle it is to get money from the NHS these days.

So I will have to save up and go private, which is bloody expensive!

I emailed Jayson (Acton Town manager) and said how much I enjoyed the training and he said that a lot of the players moaned about it, so I’m guessing that these moaning people will be the ones we will be replacing next season.


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  1. You have young players well you did the last time you was telling me so they will moan about working hard and that, but if that makes thems leave and Acton get new players hopefully that will turn you guys around and start winning more games in a row,

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