A Walk Around Old (East) London Town

We went for a walk around an area of Bethnal Green that I used to live in many years ago, we walked down Bethnal Green Road, into Weaver’s Fields, around to Ramsey Street and then down Cheshire Street. It has changed so much in this area from when I used to run around these places causing mayhem with my friends. It was rather sad to see so many changes, especially when we walked past St Matthew’s Church and saw that the bushes & small wasteland we used to play in now had flats built on them.

We walked around to Columbia Road and had a pint in The Birdcage and then walked over to Hackney City Farm to look at the animals they had on offer. We did this last time she visited and a donkey became my favourite animal there because he tried to headbutt her a number of times, would he recognise her this time and try and finish what he attempted to start last time? Sadly he did not recognise her because he seemed rather pleased to see her and even happily stood there posing for pictures.

I had a toothache and a pain in my jaw and walking around had helped null the pain a bit, but every time I sat down the pain came roaring back into my face again. My normal painkillers that I take for most ailments did not seem to be working so when we got home I took some of my dad’s and they knocked me sideways, so much so that I crawled into bed and stayed there most of the evening while my girlfriend went to The Hare to see her barmaid friend.


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