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It is quite strange what creeps into my head. Tonight I was lying on my bed watching 1PW’s A Cruel Twist Of Fate wrestling show on DVD when I suddenly started to think about an old woman who used to run a sweet shop in Cambridge Heath Road many years ago.

The shop is now a takeaway shop (next door to the Post Office). When I was a kid I used to collect one of those week by week things you see advertised on TV, the one I was collecting was a football one.

Every Friday evening my dad would take me to that shop after work as the old lady would have reserved me a copy of the latest part that I needed for my collection. After the fourth week we stopped getting it from that shop.

I only found this out a year or so later but the old lady had a go at my dad the last time we went to get part four because we only came in once a week to buy that item and she thought we were taking the piss.

To this day I still don’t see how we took the piss, it was not like we got it for free, my dad would hand over £2.99 for each part and would buy me a few packets of sweets as well. We ended up going across the road to an Asian shop who were only too pleased to assist me with my collection.

I have no idea where that memory came from, I was watching Abyss beat the snot out of a little guy called Spud, not a single miserable old woman in sight or anything about football!

Just thought I’d share that. đŸ™‚


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