I am at that age now where most of the people I call friends have got themselves partners and have settled down as a couple, have children, a mortgage and do their own couple thing at the weekends.

Friends who would live for the weekend so they could meet up and forget their work-related troubles by letting their hair down at the weekend with their mates. Now they want to visit car boot sales, walk around flea markets, visit their partner’s family in the country or are entertaining posh people at home with fancy food, expensive wine and cheese in their garden on nice posh outdoor cushions.

When did they turn into posh arseholes?

I’ve been indulging in going to see a lot of comedy stand-up shows lately, it seems to help cheer me up when I get really grumpy and a lot of them don’t charge entry into the venue as they are mostly open mic nights so it does not make a huge dent in my wallet.

Tomorrow I’m going to an event called W.E. Love Sundays. It is being held at The World’s End in Finsbury Park. It is music, mainly acoustic but you get all types, even Korean Pop. Entry is free and they even get out boards games and felt tip pens if you fancy playing a game or having a doodle while you relax. It’s like nursery!

Next Saturday, after seeing Paul Chowdhry in North Finchley, I might go to Reiss’ birthday bash at The Mucky Pup. But that really will depend on how things go tomorrow when I go back to football.

On Wednesday I’m going back to Finchley, this time to a pub called Catcher In The Rye not far from Finchley Central. It is hosting a brand new open mic night with a £2 entrance fee (I think it is £2). Not sure who is on but it might be fun.

Those boring bastards can keep their cheese evenings and their day trips to flea markets!


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