Last night I decided to watch the latest Louis Theroux documentary that was airing on BBC One. I’m not sure why I put myself through this because the guy always irritates me beyond belief. I put it down to nothing else being on. This latest episode was about paedophiles. And what was his conclusion? Paedophiles are a bit strange.

Of course they are strange! THEY FUCK CHILDREN!

He states the complete obvious and never asks the questions you think should really be asked. I can not wait for his next documentary on Argentina travel where he will make such conclusions as “Argentina hates the British for owning the Falklands” and “their name begins with the letter A”.

My favourite one was when he slagged off professional wrestling and the wrestlers dragged him into the ring and made him workout until he vomited blood. Brilliant!

I ended up watching Father Ted and the under-rated IT Crowd which cheered me up again. Maybe that is what the doctors should prescribe for depression. Never mind dishing out pills how about prescribing some top notch comedy instead?


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4 thoughts on “Why Do I Do This To Myself?

  1. Hi Dean,

    I like Louis and think he has a way of taking the piss out of people who take themselves too seriously. He also has a non-intimidating/geekish aura about him where people feel relaxed around him. Not many people would have been able to go into a high-security prison or speak to racists and come out with their nuts intact.

    I didn’t watch that paedo program, but I did watch a similar one on C4 about priest paedos, the families affected and how the Catholic Church failed/fails to deal with it. It was quite harrowing, upsetting to watch.

    take care…

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    1. Did you see the one where he stayed with the American church ‘family’ who picket the funerals of soldiers and proclaim that ‘God hates fags’?

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