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I don’t know why I did it but today I bought myself a rather nice watch. I was more than a little angry at myself for buying the thing because I have a bad history when it comes to wearing watches.

Basically watches do not like working when I put them on my wrist, within a couple of days they will stop working or the strap will fall off as I’m about to put my hand to my mouth to stifle a yawn.

So I hit upon the idea of buying a TW Steel watches which have steel straps. I’d like to see this little fellow try to tear and fall off my hairy arm at a most inopportune moment!

I bought it online so it looks like I will have a bit of a wait until I get hold of the thing. I’m not even sure why I want a watch anymore as I normally check my mobile phone when I want to know the time anyway.


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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Want A Watch Anyway?

  1. I haven’t worn my watch for quite some time. actually the battery is dead. These days I am either at the computer or can look at a cell phone to find the time. Not sure it is necessary anymore when you have a phone in your pocket most of the time.

    1. Actually now that you mention it the last time I had a watch I looked more at my phone for the time than I did at my watch!

      Thanks for dropping by. đŸ™‚

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