Survivor Series Kickoff Week continues this Friday night on SmackDown, and it kicks off with a unique match: The Celtic combatant Finlay may love to fight, as he demonstrated during his victory over Rey Mysterio last week. But his original offense may be sorely tested this Friday in a non-title contest against Raw’s high-flying Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy. Jeff will definitely find Finlay’s smashmouth technique a change from the loudmouth attacks of the always-vocal Mr. Kennedy, who will also see SmackDown competition in the form of the Belfast brawler’s bane of recent weeks, Rey Mysterio. With nearly half the competitors from the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match appearing this Friday night, the hostilities among all parties is guaranteed to soar to new heights.

And as for heights, “might vs. mite” will take center stage on Friday Night SmackDown when The Great Khali and Hornswoggle actually weigh in before Sunday’s lopsided Survivor Series match. Needless to say, Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son has no other options to weigh; his father’s “tough love” is forcing him to go head-to…waist against the highest man-made mountain ever to step in a WWE ring. As for Friday night, the only thing we can recommend for Hornswoggle is salad, because the scales don’t lie.

The Animal’s survival instincts better kick into high gear. Before he meets Undertaker in “The Deadman’s playground” – Hell in a Cell – at Survivor Series this Sunday, Batista must first contend with Mark Henry in a No Disqualification Match. In a exclusive last week, the World Heavyweight Champion had strong words for the World’s Strongest Man (WATCH), who has taken full advantage of the recent working arrangement between SmackDown and ECW. So why would The Animal request a No Disqualification stipulation two days before he defends his title inside the sadistic Hell in a Cell? Last year, Batista was forced to relinquish his title after being injured by Henry; will history repeat itself this Friday, less than 48 hours before his fifth – and surely most epic – battle with Undertaker? Or does The Animal plan on sending a definitive statement to The Phenom through Mark Henry?

The road to Survivor Series continues this Friday on SmackDown, 8/7 CT.



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